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Jun 12, 2017

Hey man I get it, you're uptight and don't like weed BUT here at the Big Red Cobcast, we do like weed. We celebrate weed, we promote weed and Joe smokes way too much weed. Hell, we actually got an ordinance passed that makes it legal to grow weed in our studio.

Obama signed it himself. (Thanks, Obama!)

So here we are, mid June and another non-story picking up traction. Fine - We need stuff to talk about too. But, Keyshawn, if you're reading this - I want you to know that the Cobcast has your back. Let us know who to sucker punch and we will. Well, Ryan will. Pat's not much of a puncher.

Anyways, we also talk about decommitments and our Jesus Freak subset of Cobcast fans. 

Enjoy the episode!

Hip Hip...