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Jun 19, 2017

Recruiting is important. It's almost as important as actually playing the game. I mean it's not but is. This week we talked about which assistant coaches re holding their weight as  recruiters and which ones aren't. The Law Firm (Williams and Williams) are holding there own but what about Cav and Davis? Langsdorf? Dare I say it - Bray? Okay so it's def Davis and Cav BUT WHYYYYY??????

For our Husker Truth this week we talked about Stoops, Switzer, Spurrier and Bowden and who we hate and who we don't. Also, Ferentz is def on this list but he's not a real coach so i didn't initially think I should mention him. I mean Iowa won last year but a broken clock wins football games at least twice a day. And we all know that if Iowa is a clock it'd be broke as hell.

Also, will someone tell Mike'l Severe he's my new arch nemesis. Thanks.

Hip Hip Hooray!