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Jul 24, 2017


It's such a taboo subject. No one ever wants to talk about whether or not the Huskers cheat. More importantly, we never discuss whether or not we should be cheating. With the ever changing college football landscape, should we cheat to keep up with the Jones' or in our case - the Urban's and the Harbaugh's? 

That what Pat and Tweedy argue about in this week's episode. We talk about that. We also talk about whether the wheel's are falling off of recruiting. With the loss of Blades, Watts, KJJ, Cam Brown - should we be worried? Do we have a shot with Fields and Parsons? Will Joshua Moore stick around? Will KJJ be back?

We answer all of these questions and SO MUCH MORE.

Plus Tweedy calls Monsanto satan. So if he ends up dead next week, check there first.

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