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Nov 14, 2016

The $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy is again in Lincoln after the Huskers took care of pesky Minnesota. And the guys can see a Big Ten Championship through their scarlet-colored glasses. They can also see that Tommy Armstrong is all that is man. They can see that Mike Riley has testicles the size of Gretna. They can see that the defensive line harassed Mitch Leidner and the Golden Gophers running backs all night. They can see that championships are coming. It's just going to require the same pain-in-the-ass Minnesota team to knock off Wisconsin (and the Huskers winning out). The glory days are coming for Nebraska, and everyone will look back to the gritty win over Tracy Claeys and his band of merry Gophers as a key moment for Nebraska. Are you on board? Ryan and Pat are. Now it's time for DJ Durkin and the Maryland Terrapins. Catch the guys' in-game and Monday morning thoughts on the Minnesota game, as well as the upcoming contest against the Terps. Also on the table are recruiting, the Big Ten race (including Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin and Penn State). It's crunch time, and the Big Red Cobcast guys are ready to get crunchin'.