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Nov 21, 2016

Big Red Cobcast co-hosts Ryan Tweedy and Pat Janssen welcome in Maryland superfans Brian Cooperman and Stephen Saffarewich to the in-game podcast. And Pat and Ryan delight in watching them see the Terps get run over by the Huskers (and marvel at their lack of actual knowledge about DJ Durkin and crew). But it's in studio on Monday when things really pick up, as Iowa Hate Week officially kicks off. The guys get it started in style with Iowa jokes abound. The guys also discuss the injury situations regarding Ryker Fyfe and Tommy Armstrong, who might fill the void at quarterback on Saturday (Zack Darlington? Patrick O'Brien? Lamar Jackson? Matt Turman?), who might fill the void at quarterback next season (Tristan Gebbia? Any of the above?), Mike Riley's big balls, and the need for Nick Gates, Terrell Newby, and the Nebraska running game to establish itself against the Hawkeyes on Friday. Get ready for Thanksgiving and a Husker victory by listening to the Big Red Cobcast!