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Dec 1, 2016

Ryan and Pat wonder what the hell happened to the Nebraska football team they watched all season. Was the group of Huskers that pushed Wisconsin to overtime the same team that just got housed by Iowa (IOWA!)? Was the Ohio State loss indicative of something deeper with this team? Or was it a fluke, and we should all start focusing on recruiting because that's what's going to help this team turn the corner? Whatever the case, it's a somber room this week following the Big Red's loss to the Hawkeyes. On the table this week are the continued Mike Riley vs. Bo Pelini discussions, Tommy Armstrong, potentially racist comments made by one of the Huskers' offensive linemen, Bruce Read's dismissal, the Blackshirts' performance (including specifically Josh Banderas, Michael Rose-Ivey and Mark Banker), bowl projections (will we see Leonard Fournette?), and a little bit of Nebrasketball (God bless Tim Miles, Tai Webster, Ed Morrow & Glynn Watson). It's all out there, and it's all emotionally raw (and weird. It definitely gets weird). HIP! HIP!