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Dec 5, 2016

With a week that involved Nebraska learning its bowl fate and (hopefully) landing assistant coach Donte Williams from Arizona, of course Ryan and Pat talk about HGH and bull semen. The guys also get into frank discussions regarding recruiting, Williams, Mike Riley, John Parella, the SEC's alleged cheating ways and the Music City Bowl (and the Huskers' trip to Nashville to take on Butch Davis, Josh Dobbs and the Tennessee Volunteers). The issue of who to root for in certain situations is also discussed as Jaysker Week (Nebrasketball versus Creighton for the uninitiated) arrives, in addition to a host of Big Ten rivals (cough, Iowa) prepare to face off against SEC jackwagons (cough, Florida) in bowl games. It's a time of conflict and heated discussion (and the occasional pee break) in this week's Big Red Cobcast.