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Feb 19, 2017

Corn Nation's David McGee joins the guys to talk Nebrasketball. What are his expectations for the remainder of the season? The offseason? Next year? What will be Tim Miles' fate? What should Tim Miles' fate be? Where would Nebraska basketball be at this point if Ed Morrow hadn't gotten hurt? How does he feel about the development of Jordy Tshimanga, Isaiah Roby, Glynn Watson Jr., and all of the young Huskers? How would David react to a Nebrasketball win in the NCAA Tournament should that day ever arrive? How did David become a Husker Hoops fan, and who is his favorite Husker of all-time (Shavon Shields? Eric Piatkowski? Tyronn Lue? Cookie Belcher? Brian Conklin? Shang Ping?)? Will Nebraska ever get another in-state recruit or will Creighton get all of them? Get all of that and more in this week's Big Red Cobcast!